We believe that we are of the land and from the land; we are sons and daughters of the soil. We believe that we all need time and space to reconnect with the land, to recharge our spirit, to contemplate life and to remember. Our guiding principle is to create low-impact spaces, places and structures that are functional and beautiful.

Shrine & Sanctuary creates special and distinctive places.
We design and build personal and sacred gardens and landscapes and offer both custom-made and pre-created designs.
We bring craft and artistic vision to reveal the spirit of the place.
We sensitively allow you to express your personal narrative.
We build shrines and memorials to hold your memories and treasures, or as places of contemplation.
We build sanctuaries for your escape or retreat, restorative spaces where you are free to be natural and authentic


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“Earth is a living process in which we participate. Earth, as a home for life, is a being that we can both harm and help to heal. Earth takes on a presence in our consciousness, not unlike the presence of gods and goddesses in the lives of our early ancestors.”
From Gaia Theory